Titanium tube

Titanium tube
Detailed DescriptionProduct name: tungsten wire, tungsten rod, tungsten rod, tungsten workpiece.Grade: W1, WAII, WLA, WcePurity: w199.95%Density: 19.3g/m3Bar quality: in line with JB4730-94 ASTM stand
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  • Product details

    Type: welded pipe / seamless pipe / extruded pipe / welded-rolled pipe

    Executing standards: ASTM B 338, ASTM B 861, ASTM B 862, ASTM F 67, ASTM F 136, GB/T 3624, GB/T 13810

    Basic grades:

    Seamless tube: TA1/Gr1, TA2/Gr2, TA3/Gr3, TA8/Gr16, TA8-1/Gr17, TA9/Gr7, TA9-1/Gr11, TA10/Gr12

    Cold rolled seamless pipe: TA1/Gr1, TA2/Gr2, TA3/Gr3, TA9/Gr7, TA9-1/Gr11, TA10/Gr12

    Welded pipe: TA1/Gr1, TA2/Gr2, TA3/Gr3, TA9/Gr7, TA9-1/Gr11, TA10/Gr12

    Welded-Rolled Tube: TA1/Gr1, TA2/Gr2, TA3/Gr3, TA9/Gr7, TA9-1/Gr11, TA10/Gr12

    Extrusion tube: TA1/Gr1, TA2/Gr2, TA3/Gr3, TA9/Gr7, TA10/Gr12, TC1, TC4/Gr5

    Supply condition: Annealed condition (M)

    Basic Specifications:

    Seamless tube: 3(O.D.)×0.2(W.T.)×500(L) to 110(O.D.)×5.5(W.T.)×6000(L) to10(O.D.)×0.5(W.T.)×500(L) to 80 (O.D.)×4.5(W.T.)×6000(L)(TA3/Gr3)

    Cold rolled seamless tube:10(O.D.)×0.5(W.T.)×500(L) to80(O.D.)×4.5(W.T.)×6000(L)

    Welded tube: 16(O.D.)×0.5(W.T.)×500(L) to 63(O.D.)×2.5(W.T.)×4000(L)

    Welded-rolled tube: 6(O.D.)×0.5(W.T.)×500(L) to30(O.D.)×2.0(W.T.)×5000(L)

    Extrusion tube: 25(O.D.)×4.0(W.T.)×500(L) to 210(O.D.)×30(W.T.)×1000(L)

    Other specifications of pipes can be supplied upon negotiation and agreement between buyers and sellers.